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REPAID Capital (REPAID) is a Johannesburg head-quartered emerging, forward-thinking investment firm that specialises in the development and acquisition of Renewable Energy, Property and Infrastructure Development projects across the African continent. REPAID takes a long-term outlook on the projects.

REPAID partners with various developers, private and public institutions at all project development stages, from conception to execution and operation, through provision of technical and management support and funding, via a variety of instruments, on commercially attractive terms to ensure that the value of each project is optimally unlocked.

REPAID has a highly talented and experienced executive team with a great understanding of African socio-economic, infrastructural and financial landscape and key strategic partnerships with a number of highly reputable financial and technical partners who share REPAID’s passion for the development of the African continent.


REPAID is organised into three distinct “funds”

Renewable Energy


Infrastructure Development

The three funds are symbolically named after the Official South African Tree (Yellowwood), Fish (Galjoen) and Flower (Protea), respectively

Investment Criteria

REPAID will consider private and public projects with the following characteristics:

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